52 Mondays came to me in a fit of New years resolution fury. It seems I am always starting my "diet" or exercise plan on "Monday"! Well lots of "Mondays" have come and gone and my butt and thighs are still as thick as a Chick-filet shake (you know what I'm talking about!!) That is when I thought OK there are 52 Mondays in year...52 is a doable number of making small changing in my life that will hopefully change to number on the scale in a downward fashion. Come join us on the journey of 52 Mondays to getting our butt, thighs and almost everything else that shake and moves a little smaller. If want to be a contributor (and you know you do) just leave a comment and I will add you to the list of contributors! This is a blog were we can share our successes and failures on the hard journey of weight loss and just plain physical wellness.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Report- Suzanne- Week 2 Curse

Anyone who watches The Biggest Loser has probably heard of the "week 2 curse". Well, that sums up week 2 for me. That doesn't mean that I don't have room for improvement. I do. Working out was easier this week for me. Eating 400 calorie meals was easier. (except for a few that became combined :) ahem...) Here's to week three!
The windup:
Workouts this week:5
Water: better, but not there yet
Sleep: ? what is that?
Weight loss: 0
Weight gain: 0
Awesome side note: bought a skirt on Saturday- one size smaller than I usually purchase! Maybe I should do body measurements too? Is anyone else doing that? I do realize that this was probably a fluke- and only related to this skirt, but I'll take it!

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  1. Yeah on a smaller size, I think sometimes measurements are a better judge than the scale especially if you are working out! Way to go on the no Soda....I am tooo weak!