52 Mondays came to me in a fit of New years resolution fury. It seems I am always starting my "diet" or exercise plan on "Monday"! Well lots of "Mondays" have come and gone and my butt and thighs are still as thick as a Chick-filet shake (you know what I'm talking about!!) That is when I thought OK there are 52 Mondays in year...52 is a doable number of making small changing in my life that will hopefully change to number on the scale in a downward fashion. Come join us on the journey of 52 Mondays to getting our butt, thighs and almost everything else that shake and moves a little smaller. If want to be a contributor (and you know you do) just leave a comment and I will add you to the list of contributors! This is a blog were we can share our successes and failures on the hard journey of weight loss and just plain physical wellness.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Late but Here!!

Ok last week wasn't a stellar week. The good thing is, I didn't gain or loose. When I say that is a good thing, let me just say that I probably went out to eat 5 times last week. I only managed to work out 3 times last week, and I had to cut back my running. My foot has been hurting and Jake told me to slow it down. So I am back to strait walking right now. Though instead of increasing my speed, I have been doing intervals at different inclines. So That is still giving me a decent workout. I only did weights once last week. I still need to figure out how to over come my emotional eating. Luckily Jake is in with me, because he has been making some fabulous healthy meals. But since we do have nights were we have to have a quick meal because of the kids activities, instead of pizza or McDonald's we do Progressive Soup and sandwich's. The have a great variety of healthy soups, and the kids like them. And it is cheaper than picking up a quick burger as well!

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  1. Gotta do better. My husband is out of town again. He has been out of town every week since Thanksgiving. I keep hearing this is my last week and then he is gone again. This is making things hard to change. My kids don't want what I want and we have been sick and my foot is still recovering from torn ligaments-so standing in the kitchen to make a meal that no one will eat has not been on the top of my list. However, I did try Dani's Shepherd Pie and it was great and my kids ate some too. Here is to another better week!