52 Mondays came to me in a fit of New years resolution fury. It seems I am always starting my "diet" or exercise plan on "Monday"! Well lots of "Mondays" have come and gone and my butt and thighs are still as thick as a Chick-filet shake (you know what I'm talking about!!) That is when I thought OK there are 52 Mondays in year...52 is a doable number of making small changing in my life that will hopefully change to number on the scale in a downward fashion. Come join us on the journey of 52 Mondays to getting our butt, thighs and almost everything else that shake and moves a little smaller. If want to be a contributor (and you know you do) just leave a comment and I will add you to the list of contributors! This is a blog were we can share our successes and failures on the hard journey of weight loss and just plain physical wellness.

Monday, January 18, 2010

chocolate anyone?

I forgot to do roll call last week. here are all the details. Week one ran/walked 3days on treadmill. Week two ran/walked 4days. My goal is to run 6days a week and do abs 3days a week. Haven't gained or lost any weight. Which has been the case for the past 6 months. I do have one small problem. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!! Dani , Carrie, and Kishell can bear testimony to this. I can down a king size bag of chocolate (any kind) in about 1 hour. I am pretty sure if I stop this habit, I might lose some weight. I guess I need to also work on self control. As for my weekend, I was on the Laketown meal plan: Hot pockets, easy mac, box of swiss rolls, and 2king size candy bars. I am glad it's a new week, so I can hit refresh.


  1. Amen on the chocolate addiction......remember Italy? I had to laugh out loud at the Laketown diet....so true. Here's to a reset button!!!

  2. Your not the only one who can down a whole king size candy bar, I do that and a whole bag of mini candy bars. Andrew comes home and sees the bag in the trash and is like did you eat the whole bag. Um yep. If the stores didnt mark the candy 50-75 % off after holidays I probally wouldnt have it in my house.